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More on Passports

British passports holders in Spain on the Costa del Sol etc, can no longer apply and process their UK passport renewals and applications through the British Consulate in Malaga and since 13th May 2013 UK passport applications are no longer processed through the British Consulate in Madrid either.

For those in Spain, Portugal, Andorra, most of North Africa and Cyprus applications have to be sent to the HMPO offices in Belfast. The passport office strongly recommend that applications are sent by a reliable and secure service and not just dropped in to the post. This makes sense, as a lost (or stolen) UK passport takes longer to replace, requires more paper work with more detailed information and possibly new photos and another payment.

This is where Woody's in Los Boliches can help. We work closely with the passport office and have done since 2004, that's a lot of passports. As you hopefully only replace your passport every 10 years (children every 5 years) it makes good sense to let us process it for you. Our service is well priced and the delivery is very secure. We see to the payment, check your photos and other documents then send it all to Belfast.

For safety and your convenience your new passport can be returned back to us for you to collect.

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Hi Pete,
Further to collecting my new passport this morning:

Just to put in writing how pleased and thankful I am to you for your valuable assistance on this matter. I had considered the passport renewal process a daunting task of epic proportions, and it may well be, but your services have made things very simple and straight forward to the point where I'm actually feeling slightly disappointed I won't have to do this again for another 10-years or so

Many thanks again and kind regards

Woody's Los Boliches


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